How to Be a Good Listener (Article 1)

Listening isn’t an easy skill to learn. But you can improve it by following these tips.

STEP 1: Make Eye Contact

There are a couple of things that will help you improve your listening skills. The first is to make eye contact when you speak. If you’re speaking to someone and you’re not making eye contact, they’ll most likely assume you’re distracted.

Secondly, you should be aware of your body language. Don’t fidget, stand up straight, and smile. Those who look good and feel good tend to be more successful communicators.

STEP 2: Pay Attention

Your ears are only part of what you use to listen. You also need to pay attention to other aspects of the conversation. How does the person’s voice sound? Is the person’s tone even? Do they seem nervous or uncomfortable?

These are all signs that something is wrong. It’s important to try to understand why a person is nervous and uncomfortable so you can address it.

STEP 3: Let Them Talk

As the speaker finishes a sentence, you should nod your head and give some indication that you’re listening. This shows that you’re paying attention. It also shows that you care about the topic being discussed.

If you do this consistently, you’ll find it’s easier to stay engaged.

STEP 4: Repeat Key Points

Repeat key points and paraphrase the speaker. For example, if the speaker says “We need to…” you might repeat “We need to…” or “We need to make sure…”.

If you do this frequently, it will help the speaker to feel more comfortable.

STEP 5: Ask Questions

When a speaker pauses for a moment, take the opportunity to ask a question. This will allow the speaker to continue uninterrupted, and it will also show that you care about the topic.

It will also help the speaker feel more comfortable.

STEP 6: Summarize

Summarizing is another way to make the conversation feel more natural. If you hear something that was particularly interesting, make sure you summarize it.

STEP 7: Reflect

When you finish summarizing, you should reflect on your experience. Did the conversation go well? What were the highlights? Was there anything that was particularly difficult?

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